COVID-19 response

Fifth Cellar Productions is committed to providing a safe, proactive theatrical experience for both its audience members and its cast and crew. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FCP will be instituting several precautionary measures to protect the health and wellbeing of those involved with our productions. These precautions will be in compliance with state and local guidelines, and will follow the model of other organizations in our community, specifically Ball State University and Muncie Civic Theatre. A summarized list of procedures and precautions may be found below. For an in-depth look at FCP's plans to reopen, please visit our COVID-19 Handbook at the bottom of this page.


For Audience Members:

  • open house 45 minutes prior to show time

  • require facial coverings for all audience members and ushers

  • provide facial coverings at the door for those who do not have them

  • create a socially-distanced admission queue

  • mandate temperature checks at the door

  • offer hands-free payment methods

  • grid out socially-distanced seating

  • limit occupancy

  • enforce social distancing for bathroom queues

  • disinfect all seating, bathrooms, and shared spaces nightly

  • provide hand sanitizer at the door and around the dramaturgy display

  • close down water fountains, offer water bottles for audience


For Cast & Crew:


  • conduct socially-distanced auditions

  • accept virtual auditions

  • develop contingency plans for potential virtual rehearsals

  • mandate temperature checks prior to each rehearsal

  • maintain a strict symptom checklist

  • hold socially-distanced rehearsals

  • encourage the use of facial coverings during rehearsals

  • rehearse in well-ventilated, spacious areas when possible

  • expand dressing room spaces

  • stagger call times

  • disinfect all dressing rooms, bathrooms, equipment, costumes, and props nightly

  • provide access to hand sanitizer and disinfectant at all times

All cast and crew members will be expected to agree to certain terms and conditions in order to be included in upcoming Fifth Cellar shows. A copy of the current Actor's Agreement may be found below, along with a comprehensive handbook detailing the scope of FCP's policies to reopen in the fall. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at