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Applications open now through Feb 1st
Filmed reading on Apr 17th
What is this?

Song of Saint Joan is a new musical concept to be written throughout the spring of 2021. It is based on the life of Joan of Arc, who acts as a vehicle for women throughout history and mythology to tell their stories.

A new musical?

Composer Anna Jirgal and artistic director Annika Low are seeking women to help tell the story of Joan and to tell their own stories, as well. From January to April 16th, the Song of Saint Joan team will write music and scenes, research historical sources, provide input, and more over Zoom meetings each week. Each team member will have a chance to utilize and hone their strengths in theatre in order to create a new work. Rehearsals will culminate in a filmed reading on April 17th, in a socially-distanced in-person setting. 

What help are you looking for?

Composers, lyricists, playwrights, designers, dramaturgs, editors, readers/singers, and more are needed to make this show a reality. Experience is not required; we encourage all women (including those who identify as female) to apply. Those interested in reading/singing for our recorded reading in April will be asked to provide a short recording demonstrating their abilities after we receive your application. 

What will Song of Saint Joan look like?

As our team solidifies, we will work together via Zoom to write the musical. All team members will be encouraged to share stories of modern, historical, or mythological women who speak to them profoundly, especially women of color and/or minority. Using Joan of Arc's life as an outline, we will interweave these stories to create Song of Saint Joan

Following this, we will break off into groups according to specialty/interest (such as composition, dramaturgy, editing, etc) to further develop the script, with all groups coming together for a weekly Zoom call. 

In April, we will begin rehearsing for our filmed reading with actors/singers. Some movement and costumes may be utilized, time allowing. The filmed reading will take place in-person, socially distanced, and with masks in a large, well-ventilated space. The final product will be made available to friends and family.