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Auditions: Aug 29 & 30
Performances: October 16-17

"It'll all work out. It's only politics, and what's that got to do with us?"

ーSally Bowles


Our memories of World War II are distant, the shadow of the Holocaust less than a memory to most, kept at bay by black-and-white photographs. Never again, we say, confident in our convictions. When we think of the rise of Nazi Germany, we see ourselves reflected in those who gave shelter to their Jewish neighbors, who did everything in their power to oppose the radicalization of their country, in short, the citizens who resisted.

But when the world moves again toward hatred, where are your convictions? When fascism rises once more, you may not agree with it, but isn't it easier to stay out of its path? When the photos are colorized, how simple it is to stay out of the fight, and to let others worry about it. After all, as an ordinary citizen, it's only politics. What's that got to do with you?

The Team
Director: Cameron Clevenger
Assistant Director: Mikayla Miller
Choreographer: Christian Pullings 

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