Jan 18, 11-1 pm

Jan 19, 3-5 pm

MU 123


March 19, 20, 21

Muncie MadJax

ALL ROLES are available to complete our cast!

We are committed to creating a diverse team; anyone and everyone is encouraged to audition.

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the choir

The inspiration for these original choral pieces comes directly from the time of Richard III, and the compositional styles he would have heard in his lifetime. We need all voice parts to complete the choir!

Misererum Rex

the cast

A team of 10-12 women and men will portray the 40+ characters in Shakespeare's Richard III, which has been edited to make it more relevant, accessible, and active. 

the crew

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How do Auditions Work?

    Whether you're reserving a time slot or walking in, 

it's important to be prepared for your audition. The first step is to fill out an application form, found above; once you've clicked "submit," take a look at some of the sides we've posted to get familiar with the roles you're interested in! You will not be asked to perform a monologue during your audition; we will provide you with sides according to your preferred role(s) and direct you from there. 

     If you're interested in joining our vocal ensemble, you may be asked to sing our musical director's original composition to the right. No worries, though—no one is expecting perfection! 

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