Founded in December 2018 by a group of Ball State students, Fifth Cellar Productions (FCP) began as a means to create daring, relevant, impactful theatre in new and meaningful ways. We recognized the need in our community for a performing arts organization which was both diverse and adventurous, while also remaining accessible to all members of the public. Thus, our mission became to produce important pieces of theatre that otherwise would not be seen in our community, to provide performance opportunities to those who may not have them, and to make these productions accessible and affordable to all.


Our artistic ideals are modern, and are founded upon uplifting the voices of women and minorities, raising awareness of social issues, and promoting a theatre culture which is diverse and welcoming to all, specifically through color-conscious, gender-neutral, body-positive, and equal-opportunity casting. In addition, Fifth Cellar Productions is driven to explore nontraditional staging, choreography, and design. Our partnership with our performance venue, MadJax of Muncie, allows us the flexibility and space to develop our projects alongside other revolutionary local artists and organizations who share our interest in pushing the boundaries of innovation.


Beginning with 2019's "Phantom: Reimagined," Fifth Cellar Productions has received overwhelming support from the community. Thanks to startup support from local business, schools, and theatres, we have built an organization which continues to grow and add new members to our team with each production.