frequently asked questions

I want to audition, but I can't make it on either of the audition days.

What do I do? 

That's perfectly fine! Email the director at to schedule a separate audition, or submit a video audition. Requirements and submission info for video auditions are available on our website.


I'm good at ______, but I am not very good at ______. Should I still audition?

YES! We encourage students of all levels of experience and talent to audition. Our choreography will be moulded to accommodate the strengths and talents of our cast, and the music of Cabaret is flexible enough to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced singers. 

What happens if I get cast or join the production team, but I have no way of getting off campus?

Muncie does have a dependable bus system, but early on in the rehearsal process we will work out a carpool system for when we eventually move into MadJax. However, most of our rehearsals will be on campus until September 26th. 


So I've submitted my audition application! Now what?

Great! Between now and your audition, familiarize yourself with the sides available on our “Auditions” page. In addition, make sure that you have your sheet music prepared in a three-ring binder for your accompanist.

Can I audition with music from Cabaret?

We would prefer to hear music unaffiliated with the show. However, if you feel that music from Cabaret best showcases your singing/acting abilities, you are welcome to use it. 

What is the standard rehearsal schedule?

Fifth Cellar shows typically rehearse Monday-Thursday from 7-9pm & Sundays from 2-6pm for a period of 4/5 weeks, beginning the Monday following auditions. During this time, rehearsals are conducted on Ball State’s campus. Once we move into our performance venue, MadJax of Muncie, rehearsals will begin earlier and/or run later, depending on the needs of the production.

What happens if I get cast but my schedule changes?

We are willing to work around scheduling conflicts to an extent. Each cast member will have a certain number of rehearsals they can miss, and conflicts listed in your audition form will be excused. However, if this number is exceeded and/or scheduling becomes a persistent problem, we may have to look into recasting your role. If something happens to cause you to drop out of the performance entirely, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can make other arrangements. 


Will understudies be cast?

Depending on the needs of the project and the availability of​ individual auditionees, we may cast understudies for certain roles, though we cannot guarantee that at this time. However, we will maintain contact information of all auditionees who wish to be considered in the event of an opening in the cast.

Note: as a precautionary measure, Fifth Cellar Productions

will cast 4 swings for its 2020 production of Cabaret.